February 1, 2023

Five Ways to Reduce Waste

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It’s a good idea to reduce your waste on a daily basis, not just on Earth Day. About 380 million metric tonnes of garbage are made from single-use plastics every year, and people throw away about 1.2 million plastic bottles every minute. You can easily cut down on waste at home or at work by using less packaging and doing a better job of recycling. Here are five things you can do to make less trash without making big changes to your life.

Reusable produce bags have become easier to find, and they’re a great way to cut down on the number of plastic produce bags you use at the grocery store. Mesh bags or cotton net bags that can be washed and used hundreds of times are now sold in most grocery stores and online shops. Keep a load of produce bags in your reusable shopping bags so you don’t have to use plastic bags for your carrots and apples.

Reusable shopping bags not just for the supermarket. Bring your own bags to any store, like a clothing store or a shoe store, or anywhere else you buy things. Keep a few reusable bags in your purse or car’s glove box for last-minute shopping and to keep bags from going to a landfill. As a bonus, if you bring your own bags, many stores will give you a credit or a discount. Putting in heavy things? There are now a lot of options for extra-large, tough bags.

Reusable water bottles come in a huge range of sizes and materials, from cups for toddlers to sippers that hold a gallon. About 90% of plastic isn’t recycled, so try to use glass or plastic water bottles that can be used again and again. If you have to use a water bottle only once, be sure to recycle it when it’s empty.

Compost your food scraps! About 25% of the average garbage stream is made up of things that can be composted, like food waste. To start a compost pile in the backyard, all you have to do is buy a composting bin or make a cheap compost area in a corner of the yard. If you don’t want to compost at home, many cities offer composting services through the city’s waste programme or through private companies.

For example, in louisville kentucky, where we live, companies like Curb to Compost collect junk from homes for a small monthly fee. Check to see if there are home composting services in your area. If you run a restaurant or a business with food service areas, you’ll have more options for getting rid of food waste. Our commercial waste services team can help you find the best recycling and auger solutions for your locations.

Send your bills and junk mail to your email instead. Did you know you can choose not to get junk mail and other circulars for sales? This works for both business and office addresses. There are several companies that will take your address off of mailing lists, or you can follow the steps on ecocycle.org. And, of course, switch to e-billing for all your utility and credit card bills. This helps save a lot of paper that would have been thrown away.

Reducing waste is a shared responsibility that can be effectively addressed through mindful practices and responsible disposal. Louisville Dumpster Rental HQ offers five key ways to achieve waste reduction: choosing the right dumpster size, recycling and reusing materials, proper hazardous waste disposal, scheduling efficient pickups, and understanding dumpster rental terms.

We can all do our part to help the earth by reducing the amount of waste we make. If you run an office building or commercial space, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you set up recycling and waste diversion programmes at your locations. Call us if you want to know more.

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